Welcome to the world of the criminal justice system

Hayden Smith is a Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina.

This tour is based on materials developed for the Criminal Justice and Mental Health (CRJU 426) course at the University of South Carolina, with support from the College of Arts and Sciences Incubator for Teaching Innovation and the University Center for Teaching Excellence.

The Research

Exploring the Intersection of Criminal Justice and Public Health: Dr. Hayden P. Smith’s pioneering research addresses critical issues like incarcerated populations’ mental health, rehabilitation initiatives, and officer wellness. Discover insights from his extensive work in program evaluation and policy analysis aimed at improving correctional system outcomes.


Dive into Dr. Hayden P. Smith’s Award-Winning Teaching Methodologies in Criminology & Criminal Justice. Experience the fusion of innovative strategies and technology that enhances student learning, underscored by his recognized achievements in advancing the understanding of criminal justice and public health intersections.


Special thanks go to Lydia Frass for instructional design assistance, SciAni for website design and development assistance, and Nina Moreno and Christy Friend for planning and general support.

The Tour

While traditional media provides an “outside-in” perspective of crime (e.g., looking at a suspect in a police car, looking at an inmate in a cell, etc.), this virtual experience is designed to provide you an “inside-out” perspective of the criminal justice system, including police interaction, court proceedings, and incarceration.

You will have control over the experience in these 360-degree videos, so move your view around to explore. You also have the freedom to move forward or back through the video as you choose. This form of experiential learning is designed to provoke emotions in the viewer. The criminal justice system is typically defined as police, courts, and corrections.

Tour Agenda

Part 1: Police Interaction
Part 2: Court
Part 3: Jail
Part 4: Inmate Visitation
Part 5: Solitary Confinement
Part 6: Reentering Society

Remember that, if you are uncomfortable at any point in the tour, you may stop. This tour is designed to educate, rather than simply entertain.

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Criminal Justice And Mental Health

Teaching-based Presentations

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Welcome to the world
of the criminal justice system.