Welcome to the world of the criminal justice system

Hayden Smith is a Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina.

Research Reports

A Program Evaluation of a Yoga Class for Correctional Administrators and Officers, 2020 (Smith, Crawford)

SCDC PREA demonstration project, 2016 (Smith)

Character Based Units Strategic Plan, 2016 (Smith)

Staff Inmate perceptions focus groups, 2015 (Smith)

Using PREA for Safer SCDC: A Workshop for Agency Administrators, 2014 (Smith)

Character Based Units Final Report, 2015 (Smith)

Evaluating the Risk Perceptions of Correctional Officers, 2014 (Ferdik, Smith)

An Assessment of Job Satisfaction among SC Cos, 2013 (Feridk, Smith, Applegate)

National survey of self injurious behaviors in prison, 2008 (Kaminski, Smith)

Online Publications

My research gate profile can be found here. ResearchGate is a site that provides researchers the ability to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators. A number of my publications are available on this site. The criminal justice system is typically defined as police, courts, and corrections.
Welcome to the world
of the criminal justice system.